Hands full? Use your voice

Voice input means you can create lists, whilst doing something like cooking, driving, or when you’re holding shopping bags in both hands. Just say “and” between each item, and they’ll be listed separately.

Add items using voice input

  1. To add an item to your list, tap the ADD button
  2. Tap the microphone icon
  3. Tell Listonic what you’d like to buy.

This feature is currently unavailable on iOS.

Voice input may not work properly with few Android versions or if you have slow Internet connection.

How can I add quantity and weight using voice input?

Just say the name of the item along with the quantity or weight you want, and Listonic will automatically add it to your item.

For example: To add 2kg of potatoes, say “2kg of potatoes”. If you need 3 onions, say “3 onions” or “onions 3”.