What translation errors to avoid?

To avoid the most common translation errors, always follow the 3 key rules:

Translate intuitively, not literally

One phrase that sounds great in English may not work well in another language. The key is to try several translations and choose the one that sounds the most natural and intuitive.

Know the context

The more you know, the more flexible your language skills are. To choose the right words and phrases, you need to know the context of the translation, including what the app is for, what its features are, and where the text will be placed.

Look at the following example: “draw a card” may describe sketching/painting a card as well as randomly choosing a card from a deck of cards, and there is a huge difference between the two. 

Ask questions

There is no room for assumptions. If a translator translates “draw a card” as “sketch/paint” in a card game, it won’t be understood by users and may discourage them from using the app. 

Always check the screenshot and explanation in context section on Crowdin. If you miss any information, please contact us in comments, by mail or via a Crowdin message. We love to hear from you as it helps us learn about grammar and characteristics of different languages. Plus, you can help other translators who may face similar problems 🙂

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