How to change the order of categories?

In Listonic, you can sort categories however you like in order to organize your grocery list better.

Why would I want to change the order of categories?

Think about your favorite store. You can change the order of categories to one matching your store’s layout, so that you can easily check off items on your lists one by one. Some categories may be also more important to you than others, so it’s worth keeping them at the top.

Change the order of categories

  1. Open a list
  2. Swipe left on any item on the list 
  3. Tap
  4. Tap on the category’s icon
  5. Tap
  6. Turn automatic sorting off
  7. Confirm that you allow manual sorting
  8. Tap and hold on any of the categories, and drag it to change its position on the list of categories.

This option is not yet unavailable on iOS