How to create a new category?

To reduce the time you spend walking between the store aisles, Listonic automatically groups items on your lists into appropriate categories. Sometimes, however, you may want to change the category of an item or move the item to your custom category. 

Why would I want to create a new category?

Making your own custom grocery list categories is especially useful when: you’re not making a groceries list, you want more control over how your shopping list is displayed, or you’re adding an unusual or very specific item.

Create a new category

  1. Tap a list with items you want to edit
  2. Tap  and make sure the “Show prices” option is switched off.
  3. Tap the category icon of the item you want to add to a new category
  4. Tap “My categories”
  5. Tap ‘Create a new category’
  6. Add the name for your custom category and choose its icon
  7. Tap the back arrow to create the new category

This option is currently unavailable on iOS.

People you share your list with can see your custom categories, but are unable to edit it. 

Custom categories in action

Imagine you’re making a shopping list for your kid’s first day of school. Create custom categories such as “uniform,” “stationary,” “registration,” or “lunchbox” to organize your grocery list better.