Match the category order with the supermarket layout

Not every supermarket starts with the produce section. Some place bakery at the entrance. Others, dairy. Sort your categories by aisles in your local supermarket to create your lists quicker and check off products one by one instead of roaming cluelessly back and forth around the store.

Change the order of categories

  1. Open a list
  2. Swipe left on any item on the list 
  3. Tap
  4. Tap on the category’s icon
  5. Tap
  6. Turn automatic sorting off
  7. Confirm that you allow manual sorting
  8. Tap and hold on any of the categories, and drag it to change its position on the list of categories.

This option is not yet unavailable on iOS

What If my items don’t match any of the categories?

In that case, simply create a custom category. Name it, choose the right icon, and assign items to the category to stay in control of your shopping list. 

Create a new category 

  1. Tap a list with items you want to edit
  2. Tap  and make sure the “Show prices” option is switched off.
  3. Tap the category icon of the item you want to add to a new category
  4. Tap “My categories”
  5. Tap “Add a new category”
  6. Add the name for your custom category and choose its icon
  7. Tap the back arrow to confirm the new category

This option is currently unavailable on iOS.

People you share your list with can see your custom categories, but are unable to edit it.